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"The true 

power lies with the people" 

It would be my honor to represent our district and champion for or "fight against" the issues that matter in our communities.

A Woman Dedicated to Transforming Nevada’s 2nd Congressional District

Hi, my name is Catherine Marie Sampson, and I am Running for 2nd Congressional District for Nevada. As a US Army Airborne Veteran, I am more than prepared to take on the responsibility of representing and serving our communities in our beautiful state. Contact my office in Crescent Valley, Nevada, today to learn how you can support or donate to my campaign.


My Mission Statement

Why Am I Running for the 2nd Congressional Seat?

I came across a comment that goes: “If we as adults do not do something now, presently, to stop what is happening in our country, we will have our grandchildren and great-grandchildren look back at us and ask: ‘Why? When you had the chance Grama, didn’t you do anything to help us? Why didn’t you try? 

That struck me because I have nine grandchildren and Thank You to the person who said this!

  I am running for the 2nd Congressional District Seat, here in Nevada, but I am not running for our generations’, we all have our freedom, we know what freedom is. I am running to help take our country back for all our children, grandchildren, and their great grandchildren. Their generations will be the ones facing and living with the so-called Great RESET, Massive surveillance, The One World Banking System, Global Warming, and One World Order, ect!! And how this is all phrased “You will own nothing and be happy”!!!!! 

“They, will provide everything for you".

I am running to have my voice heard!! I am running to help take our country back!!

I am running to help restore and secure the American Constitution from the corruption that has taken place.

I am running to help preserve our values, freedoms, and the American way of life.

I am running for all our country’s children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren so they can have and experience a brighter future than what we all are facing now.

 We need to take our country back, legally, through our Justice System. We need to lift our Justice System back up to where corruption is held accountable.


               There has got to be accountability for all the injustice that has happened to our country in the last few years.

                                                                                                                Thank you,

                                                                                     My name is Catherine Marie Sampson,


                                         We as a country need to vote in people, who care about our country and other people!!

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